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Application and installation steps of cast iron water meter body


The application of cast iron water meter body is to measure the flow of tap water or other liquids, usually installed in buildings or in urban water pipe networks. The cast iron water meter body is made of cast iron and has strong corrosion resistance and durability, and can operate stably for a long time. This water meter body usually requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure its accuracy and normal working condition. In urbanization and water resources management, cast iron water meter bodies have important application value.

The steps to install a cast iron water meter body are as follows:

Determine the installation location: First, you need to determine the installation location of the water meter. Usually the water meter should be on the main pipe, adjacent to the road intersection closest to the water meter, and the location should be higher than the water level to avoid water backflow.

Prepare tools: Prepare the required tools, including wrenches, water pump pliers, backing plates, etc.

Preliminary preparation: Remove the original water meter and clean the interface. Check water pipes and water meters for damage, and repair and replace them promptly if necessary.

Filling the water meter: Before installing the water meter, you need to fill the inside of the water meter with water, and add lubricant to the inlet and outlet to facilitate subsequent use.

Connect the water pipe: Connect the water pipe to the water meter. It should be noted that appropriate sealing materials should be used when connecting to ensure that the interface does not leak.

Fix the water meter: After installing the water meter and water pipes, you need to use pads and screws to fix the water meter to ensure that the water meter does not shake.

Test the water meter: Turn the valve on the water meter as required, open the faucet, observe the water flow, and confirm that there is no water leakage.

The above steps are the installation steps of the cast iron water meter body. It should be noted that when installing the water meter, you must be careful to avoid damage to the water pipe and water meter.

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